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Introducing Play Worship Guitar

I spent a great deal of time developing the actual Play Worship Guitar system. It’s the same system I am now teaching my students so they get the most out of their time.

The one thing I didn’t want was for anyone to have to sit in their room, practicing boring scales, for 5 hours a day. Most of my students want to start playing actual worship songs as soon as possible.

Rather than having to put your head in a book and memorize music theory, I wanted everyone I taught to be able to play a song within a day or two of picking up the guitar.

Learn Guitar Following Video Lessons

Almost every guitar player I know got started playing guitar so they could play songs and I’m sure you are the same way. So why do most guitar learning programs take all the fun out of it and make you practice scales all day?

Since I was teaching my students to play all the songs I was playing, I eventually decided to film my teaching sessions so everyone could learn all of the songs by watching videos AND they can learn new songs on their own time.

Play Worship Guitar gives you everything you will ever need to start learning guitar and to play popular worship songs by your favorite artists… exactly how I play them at my own church.

Is Play Worship Guitar For Beginners?

Absolutely! Play Worship Guitar is a completely step-by-step method that I developed that teaches even total beginners everything they need to know to start playing guitar in days rather than months or even years.

This is an online guitar learning course that is designed specifically for beginners who want to learn guitar while also learning great contemporary worship songs on guitar.

  • No musical knowledge is required at all…
  • You do not need to know how to read music…
  • No prior guitar experience required at all…
  • Perfect for total beginners…
  • Perfect for anyone with less than 1 year of guitar experience…
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn guitar in a simple step-by-step approach…
  • Perfect if you want to learn how to play worship songs…
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