Free VST Synthesizer Plugins 1

VST Synthesizers 1 Shisaku Shisaku is a virtual VST synthesizer plugin with 3 VCOs (sine, triangle, saw, square, sawsin, sqrsin, ep, org, saw(blit), white noise, pink noise, notch, lp24db and hp24db filter types. ADSR envelope for vca… Price: Free  
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Free VST Synthesizer Plugins 2

VST Synthesizers 2 Plastique Plastique is a 2-oscillator subtractive VST synthesizer plugin using the 31 waveforms from the Casio HT-700 synth and some enhancements to the original’s feature set. It does lo-fi 80s sounds but also… Price: Free   daHornet
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Free VST Reverb Plugins 1

VST Reverb Plugins 1 SoundScaper SoundScaper is capable of Reverb, Echo and Comb effects. This VST reverb plugin was designed primarily as way of creating atmospheric landscapes in the tradition of past HGSounds creations. It has… Price: Free   SpatialVerb
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Free VST Reverb Plugins 2

VST Reverb Plugins 2 epicVerb epicVerb is a VST reverb plugin that aims at both tight small room and ambience effect simulation, well suited to modern drum and vocal productions, up to large “epic” halls as found in high quality…
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Free VST Piano Plugins 1

VST Piano Plugins 1 DSK RhodeZ DSK RhodeZ is a free Rhodes VST piano plugin module for Windows. Features: 6 Rhodes piano variations. Velocity response is included along with an amp envelope, micro-detuner, high pass/low pass… Price: Free   Preparation
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Free VST Piano Plugins 2

VST Piano Plugins 2 Topaz E.P.1 Topaz E.P.1 is a Fender Rhodes 73 Sample VST piano plugin. Features: Three Layers Soft, Mid, Hi. Built in Host Synced Tremolo. Six Stage Stereo Phaser. Individual level for each layer. Low/Pass Moog Filter…
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Free VST Echo Plugins 1

VST Echo Plugins 1 Elottronix XL Elottronix XL is a VST delay plugin emulation of Robert Fripp’s tape delay effect “Frippertronics”: two Revox B-77 in continuous loop. This VST echo plugin supposes a rewrite of the old Elottronix, and… Price:
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Free VST Echo Plugins 2

VST Echo Plugins 2 Sanford Delay The Sanford Delay ranks high among other VST echo plugins. It’s an easy to use VST echo plugin that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It features a filter in the feedback path
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Free VST Drum Plugins 1

VST Drum Plugins 1 Kick Me Too Kick Me Too is another one of those VST drum plugins but with a twist. It has 5 drum synths featuring, Phase Mod, h-limit, sine, triangle and noise waves, volume, decay, time and
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Free VST Drum Plugins 2

VST Drum Plugins 2 Dystopia Dystopia is a VST drum synthesizer plugin that emulates the architecture of the hihat and cymbal circuit from the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine utilising Chris Kerry’s low CPU audio oscillator … Price: Free  
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