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Free VST Piano Plugins 1

VST Piano Plugins 1 DSK RhodeZ DSK RhodeZ is a free Rhodes VST piano plugin module for Windows. Features: 6 Rhodes piano variations. Velocity response is included along with an amp envelope, micro-detuner, high pass/low pass… Price: Free   Preparation
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Free VST Piano Plugins 2

VST Piano Plugins 2 Topaz E.P.1 Topaz E.P.1 is a Fender Rhodes 73 Sample VST piano plugin. Features: Three Layers Soft, Mid, Hi. Built in Host Synced Tremolo. Six Stage Stereo Phaser. Individual level for each layer. Low/Pass Moog Filter…
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Free VST Organ Plugins 1

VST Organ Plugins 1 DirtBag DirtBag VST organ plugin features 9 drawbars, pulse width, detune, distortion/overdrive (the heart of DirtBag), cutoff (LPF) after distortion, rotary Leslie amount with Leslie spread and slow/fast… Price: Free   VH-2 The VH-2 Organ simulates
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Free VST Organ Plugins 2

VST Organ Plugins 2 ZR-3 ZR-3 VST organ plugin incorporates 3 instruments, 9 drawbars, 6 different waveform shapes, click, percussion, sustain, splitmode, monophonic mode (perfect for bass sounds), vibrato, scalable pitch… Price: Free   ZR-1 ZR-1 features 9 drawbars, waveform
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