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Using Cubase VST Virtual Instruments

  Say you own a computer with an audio interface and various monitors then you are well on your way to creating your individual music at home. It would seem a bit exquisite to even think that you could do
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How To Make Digital Electronic Music

  Nowadays, electronic music production has become far more advanced than expected earlier. This is due to the innovation of new digital technologies that can do amazing things with sounds. Professionals use high-end consoles, samplers, synthesizers and software to produce
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Facts About Virtual Studio Technology

  When you hear the name Steinberg in the world of music making then you will also hear about VST. This simply means Virtual Studio Technology and was developed by Steinberg. It has revolutionized the possibilities of creating and recording
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How To Make Music With VST Plugins

  VST plugins are beginning to gather a lot more interest as music buffs/computer buffs put these two interests together. What was once thought impossible by many astute computer operators is now beginning to appear as not being all that
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