Free VST Organ Plugins 2

VST Organ Plugins 2

ZR-3 VST organ plugin incorporates 3 instruments, 9 drawbars, 6 different waveform shapes, click, percussion, sustain, splitmode, monophonic mode (perfect for bass sounds), vibrato, scalable pitch… Price: Free


ZR-1 features 9 drawbars, waveform shape, percussion (with decay), keyClick, monophonic mode (perfect for bass sounds), distortion, rotating speakers, built in program handling (compare / save) and… Price: Free


AZR3 features 3 instruments, 9 drawbars, 6 different waveform shapes, click, percussion, sustain and split mode. Unlike many other VST organ plugins, AZR3 can be switched to monophonic mode (perfect for bass sounds). Vibrato and scalable pitch. Rotating… Price: Free


Siecles is a VST organ plugin that reproduces the sound of big pipe organs in a cathedral. It’s a mix between two samples featuring EQ, ADSR, Portamento and it’s fully automatable… Price: Free


Oddly Organ is a percussion organ featuring a simple EQ with ADSR for filters and volume. Tracking cutoff and resonance. A Key Click effect. 2 simple chorus effects. A tremolo and a rotate effect but it’s not… Price: Free


Church Organ 2nd has five organ oscillators for even bigger and better sounds since the first generation of this plug-in. It also has an ADSR and pitch band as part of the effects package… Price: Free


Morphiza is styled after the transistor organs of the 60′s and 70′s. This organ synth plug-in avoids the drawbar analogy and instead provides a series of harmonic tone and boost knobs to provide a rich and… Price: Free


Organaut is a classic tonewheel organ emulator in a VST organ plug-in. Main features: 9 drawbar sounds, rotary cabinet emulation, keyclick emulation, internal reverb, octave shift. Digital and analog… Price: Free


Spook Organ features 2 banks each of seven oscillators. Each bank can be set to use a different waveform. This makes it possible to additively create some very organ like, or very grungy sounds, especially… Price: Free


LightBag II features emulation of a tonewheel organ/rotary speaker combination with nine drawbars and extensive MIDI implementation for real time control. Paged panel design to access all parameters… Price: Free

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