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VST Synthesizers 1

Shisaku is a virtual VST synthesizer plugin with 3 VCOs (sine, triangle, saw, square, sawsin, sqrsin, ep, org, saw(blit), white noise, pink noise, notch, lp24db and hp24db filter types. ADSR envelope for vca… Price: Free


Pulsation Lite allows you to explore pulse wave synthesis in a simple and easy to use manner. Included are tuning, pulse width, effects and modulation options to further shape the sounds. Although… Price: Free


Features: 16 Voice Unison Monophonic VST Synthesizer. 2 x Stereo Unison oscillators with 68 Waveforms. Up to 8 uni voices per oscillator. 4 x 24db Multi mode Filters. 2 x Amp ADSR. 2 x Filter ADSR. 2 x LFO… Price: Free


ViNom is one of those VST synthesizer plugins with a dual-VCO, LFO (tri, sqr, saw up, saw down and s&h) and a VCF with a 12/18/24 dB low-pass filter. Features / specifications: LFO/MG: retrigger, BPM synced with the waveforms… Price: Free


ViCon is a 1 VCO monophonic vst synthesizer inspired by Microcon by Technosaurus. ViCON is not intended as a software clone or emulation of the Microcon. Features: 1 VCO. Sub-oscillator. 12/24db VCF… Price: Free


Prototype18 is a monophonic virtual analogue synth. Features: 2 oscillators (Saw / Square / Sine) with PWM, Mix, Detune. Resonant filter with ADSR envelope. LFO. Portamento. ADSR Amp Envelope… Price: Free


Alieno is a hybrid VST synthesizer. Its SCI-FI styled, object-oriented environment allows the user to mix-up different synthesizing techniques and develop powerful and articulated voices. The synthesizer is… Price: Free


Subtractive synth: 2 oscillators 1 multimode resonant filter 3 LFOs 2 envelopes Frequency modulation and synchro between the two oscillators 8 modulated outputs with gestual control of the most important… Price: Free


Xhip features a software Vst synthesizer, subtractive. Two band limited oscillators (minblep). Ringmod, sync. Real glide. Multimode filter, self oscillation possible, real keyboard tracking. Two envelopes… Price: Free

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